I"m a Vegan

>I’m up to no blogging good. I kept writing all these Facebook posts about my eating habits, and I said to myself, “Self.” Sometimes, I call myself, self. Anyway, I said, “Self, you are really excited about your eating changes. You are struggling, succeeding, and having all these emotions about it you want to share; but, let’s face it, no one wants to read about it on Facebook.”

What is a gal to do? Then I remembered that I used to have this awesome blog. So, back to the blog I am. Now, you can read about my awesome food if you want . . . or not. It is really up to you.

Anyway, here is the news. I started taking some new medicine for my migraine headaches, and it made my stomach hurt really bad. One of the side effects was meat made me want to throw up. So, I just quit. When I was a youngin‘, I was a vegetarian. So, it was kinda easy for me.

Then my lovely husband watched this movie called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead about a guy who started juicing. He got some crazy idea that he wanted to juice. So, we bought a juicer. Well juicing is really hard. It makes you really hungry and it is just really hard.

But juicing did something wonderful for me. Something glorious. Something lovely. It made me get on the Internet and do research. I found this blog called choosing raw. You can find it here: http://www.choosingraw.com/. And then I started reading more and more of the articles she had posted and more and more vegan blogs. And I realized, this is what I wanted to try. I wanted to do it. I wanted to be one of those crazy vegan kids. (I had tried vegan in the past, but had never been able to really stick to it.)

So, I started. And this is what I did. Grrr… I had a hard time. Today is day four of Veganism.

Day one: I only juiced. I had to just quit cold turkey because I am a cold turkey kind of kid. It wasn’t so bad. I had a fruit based juice, followed by a greens juice, and then an carrot based juice.

Day two: I was determined to just juice. Nope. I couldn’t do it. Well technically , Robert couldn’t do it. So I juiced breakfast and lunch and had avocado salad for dinner. Yummo.

Day three: I had juice breakfast, and hummus wrap lunch and dinner.

Here is how I cheated. I had a diet a Dr. Pepper. I did it. I also cried. I mean just cried. I have also screamed a few times and may have threatened to punch someone. I’m not sure. But the point is that I made it through. The reward has been that I have lost 20 pounds (in the past month not in the past four days) and I feel really proud of myself.

I also found out that there are three reasons why I am glad I am doing this:
1. The environment. I care about the environment. Factory farms are bad for the environment.
2. My health and Robert’s health. Period it is better for your health. Watch the movie Forks over Knives.
3. Pigs. Pigs are cute. I love Pigs. Pigs are smart. Pigs make me think of my dog, cornbread. I would never want to hurt cornbread. I don’t want to hurt pigs.

I promise to post pictures and keep you updated on the new vegan adventures of me.

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