"It tastes like Spirulina" is what’s wrong with the world.


First, I want to open with, “WTF!” I seriously just turned down a pretzel for a piece of romaine lettuce with hummus in it. At first, I was like, “just eat the stupid pretzel.” But dang that hummus was good. What is happening to me.

Second, I feel super guilty that I am not forcing my children to go through this change with me. If I care this much about myself, then I should care that much about my children too right? And I am trying. It is small steps. Little changes. I have totally overhauled our house, so that is a good step in the right direction.

I keep going back and forth . . . do I make them, do I not make them? The truth of the matter is that the two little ones have been vegan since I got home because what else are they going to eat?

But when you make this delicious potato/salad bar, who could say no? Not Persephone . . . doesn’t she just look totally excited.
In other Vegan news, I found a Vegan restaurant in town. Who would have guessed. The food is pretty tasty. Not as good as it is at home, but it never is, and at least I have a go to place now. So, yeah for that. I also fit into my first (first out of like 20) pairs of goal jeans. First on the road. First on the journey. Well, first thing to be proud of.
Back to Spirulina. I bought this shake mix to mix with my juice in the morning just because I thought it might help me feel fuller. It is vanilla flavored, but it has spirulina in it. So, in the reviews on Amazon, all the negative reviews say things like, “it really tastes like spirulina.” So I was not expecting anything great to happen. So I mix it in my juice, and it tastes good. It turns my juice green. It has a little spirulina taste, but nothing overwhelming. I mean come on people, what are you looking for a miracle. I mean, readjust your taste buds for the love of all things green! The point is, there is no quick fix. Spirulina isn’t going to taste like bacon, but it also is good for you, and it didn’t come out of a deplorable factory farm. So be proud. After two shakes, you won’t even notice. Since I live in Longview, we have limited selections, and I didn’t want to buy something off the internet without trying it, so here is what I bought:
I have been pretty happy with it. The good old hubby even drink it up with no complaints. When I was in California and had access to other shake mixes, I bought some, but wasn’t nearly as pleased, and those really tasted like spirulina!
Stay tuned for my next blog . . . being Goliath. Yeah. That is going to be awesome.
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