Can dancing change your life?

I have never gone out dancing without my husband. I’ve just never gone out by myself. He doesn’t dance, and I love to dance. I am not a good dancer. In fact, I’m down right bad. But I love it. I love to just move your body to the beat. It makes me so happy. So, when my friend asked me to go out dancing on Saturday night, Robert said, “you should go, I’ll stay home with the kids.” It was so much fun. I spent 15 bucks and had a great time.

So, what does all this matter? Saturday night made me have this strange realization (times two) and I want to share them with you.


Realization One

So, I have always loved dancing. We go out dancing maybe six times per year. The thing I always hated about going dancing was just getting winded and sore and not being able to keep up. I hated to go and just feel out of breath and tired. It was embarrassing. I think it kept me from really enjoying it as frequently as I would have liked to.

A few years ago, I started going to Zumba every day. I was so excited when we went out dancing and I could actually dance through two or three songs. I felt so empowered.

Now, you all know, I haven’t been exercising as much as I would like to. I just haven’t been doing enough. Well, I was so worried about going dancing this weekend because my friend is in the fitness industry, and I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I almost said no because I was so nervous about it.

Well, guess what happened? I danced for three hours straight. I mean, really danced. It was glorious. I thought I would wake up ready to die the next day. But I didn’t. I was barely even sore. I am convinced it is because I have such an improved diet. I think my clean diet helped me have more energy, faster recovery. I am so proud of myself. But what I got out of this dance adventure is that I can do it. I can work out and improve my fitness. I don’t need to feel embarrassed or worried or ashamed. I can do it.

Eating healthy has really changed my body and my life.

Realization Two

I would never go out to get hit on. I am married and deeply love my husband. However, on Saturday night, I got hit on 8 times. EIGHT! By eight different people. Every time I go out, I am always comparing myself. I always feel like my friends’ fat wingman. Not Saturday. I was there with a beautiful girl who is a fitness instructor. I was not the fat wingman. I still don’t feel like the prettiest girl in the room, but I felt so wonderful to know that people do find me attractive, and I am not always second fiddle. It felt really good. What I got out of it was that I need to just stop looking in the mirror and finding something I don’t like when plainly there is plenty to like.

So . . . dancing . . . it does wonders for the  soul.

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