The struggle is already real

We have finally moved full-time onto our property! We are there. And, as my husband says, “it is one thing after another.” Moving was hard enough, but we also got a puppy. Maybe not the wisest decision ever. So, the dog has peed on the bed two nights in a row. It doesn’t sleep through the night. I am having to adjust my entire life and work schedule to try to take care of the dog. To top it off, we just got hot water last night, the gas keeps acting strange (works sometimes, doesn’t work sometimes), I have a completely new routine, and I haven’t figured out cooking. Now, I am coming to work mildly dirty and I cant find my work clothes.



The only light in the tunnel is that I found my sunglasses. Next week I have to be out of town for two days for work and orchestrating the dog and the kids and our new commute is like a symphony in progress. I have cried about it several times (just today). Oh and there was a coyote on one of the cars two nights ago.

There are some amazing things like the sweet face of the new puppy, all the stars in the sky, a sense of purpose, and the great view. But right now we are in the struggle phase, and I am not having fun. My husband looks miserable. The kids have been nonstop complaining about commutes and changes to schedules and sleeping arrangements. I know it is going to get easier and that this is the biggest change of our lives. I just wish it would get easier faster!


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