Those Are Some Fly Chicks

We took the next step into our homestead adventures. We rescued four chickens: Jessica, Barbra, Tiffany and Brittany. They’re named after famous musicians. The chickens each have their own unique personality such as Barbra is the leader, but on the other hand Jessica isn’t the brightest egg in the bunch. When we first bought them they weren’t in the best condition, but was they gain back their feathers and health they become much happier. My husband built them a coop and large cage. In Colorado farming isn’t always the easiest activity to do, due to the insects that just love munching on fresh crops. Our chickens are the perfect solution to this issue. The only downside to having them is they drink quite a bit of water and are hard work otherwise they are a great addition to our Tree Of Life family.

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  1. robert wellman says:

    Jessica needs to get it together

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