About Me

Who the heck are you, Heather Wellman?

I am a wife and mother of three children and my family comes first.  I run an independent consulting business that specializes in personal and organizational conflict systems. In addition to that, I teach meditation, stress reduction, goal setting, and focus increasing techniques. I have a Ph.D in Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program from Nova Southeastern. I love the earth, and I try everyday to reduce my environmental footprint.

Why are you a Vegan?

I am a vegan for many reasons. I like to say that veganism is a tripod: health, animals, and the environment. So, I am a vegan because it is good for my health, good for the animals, and good for the environment. My husband originally suggested we become vegans as a week long experiment for our health. I have dabbled in vegetarianism but veganism was a whole new leap that I had never been able to sustain. This time, I really buckled down and watch lots of documentaries and did some research. I find the health argument to be compelling. But I have to confess that the health argument is what keeps me vegan. I stay vegan because after watching the videos and doing the research, I can’t imagine eating animals and having it fit in with my value system that includes compassion and nonviolence. I also care deeply about the environment. We are trying to get our carbon footprint to “neutral” which isn’t easy to do. Eating vegan helps a lot.

What makes you such an expert?

What  makes me such an expert–expert enough to write a blog about it and give you advice? Nothing really. Wow! That’s compelling. The truth is honesty and a lived experience. I live in a small town in Colorado. I am living as a vegan and a mother to three children. I have a budget. I can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods (not that I live near one anyway!). I make mistakes. I do tons and tons of research (after all, I am a researcher). I want to share this with you. I am more than happy to share where I fail with you. But I also want to share where I succeed. Together, maybe we can navigate the journey of veganism successfully.

What is you blog about?

My blog is about a lot of things. This blog is about being a vegan in Texas. It is about how to be a vegan when you don’t have access to vegan restaurants, whole foods, or even a huge budget. I have three kids, and I have made the choice to talk about how I deal with raising vegan children and not vegan children. Some bloggers don’t talk about their kids. I totally respect that. But for me, I have decided that I want to share it with you so you can see my full experience. Basically, this blog is about me, my family, and how to be a quick and dirty vegan.