Facts on Veganism

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What is a Vegan?

A vegan is a person who does not consume animal products. That means no eggs, no dairy, no meat, and for most vegans no honey. There are a lot of hidden ingredients that are not vegan, but one of the most common is gelatin. Gelatin isn’t vegan. So that means no jello and for the most part no gummy bears!

What the heck do you eat then?

It would probably surprise you to find out that I don’t eat anything too unfamiliar to you. Maybe a few things like nutritional yeast and tofu, but for the most part, I don’t eat anything you haven’t seen or probably eaten before. We eat spaghetti and tacos . . . just like you. Being vegan is about more than rabbit food. If you are new to veganism or if you are just trying to eat better a few meals at time, then I suggest you start by thinking about the things you eat that are already easy to make vegan like a baked potato. It may even be helpful to invest in a meal plan or a really nice cookbook at first. Check back here often to see my recipes and recommendations for how you can get started.

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